Domestic equities continued to stabilize during May following a volatile Q1. Results were led by technology stocks, which have lagged recently due to a rotation away from growth in favor of more defensive stocks. International developed and emerging market equities were negative, as a strengthening dollar coupled with the “Brexit” vote in June weighed on stock prices abroad.

Umbrella liability insurance (ULI) can provide liability protection above and beyond the basic coverage that homeowners/renters and auto insurance policies offer, ULI can protect you against the catastrophic losses that can occur if you are sued.  Although ULI can be purchased as a separate policy, your insurer will require that you have basic liability coverage (i.e., homeowner’s/renter’s insurance, auto insurance, or both) before you can purchase an umbrella liability policy. ULI is often referred to as excess coverage. If you are found to be legally responsible for injuring someone or damaging someone's property, the umbrella policy can pay for the part of the claim in excess of the limits of your basic liability policy, or pay for certain losses that are not covered.