The market narrative in June was largely driven by the referendum in the UK on whether to stay or leave the European Union, the so called “Brexit” vote, with the leave vote shocking markets and causing global equity markets to sell-off over the subsequent days. Markets were quick to recover and rallied into month-end, with emerging markets leading the charge based on the strength of the global commodity recovery. U.S. equities ended flat to positive, led by utilities and energy. International developed equities suffered mild losses given uncertainty surrounding the UK’s exit of the EU and its impact on Eurozone trade. Bonds posted strong returns across the board, benefitting from a flight to safety trade.

Technology & digital information are increasingly interwoven into our day-to-day lives.  From what we purchase, where we go, and even the entertainment we enjoy, digital information about our life is collected and stored by an ever growing list of third-parties.  This data generation is especially true for our financial lives, as rarely does a day go by in which we don’t make at least one purchase, and unless we use cash for everything, it’s all recorded.  This exponential increase in our digital lives has proven to be fertile ground for criminals looking to steal both our money and our identities.